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Wheel brush small

EAN 5904720090622

Pieces in the package 48 pcs

Product dimensions length: 27cm

Product weight 0.10 kg

Carton weight 5.24 kg

Carton dimensions 25cm x 49cm x 30cm

Cartons on a layer 7

Layers on a palette 6

Cartons on a pallet 42

Pallet height 195cm

Small brush for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach places. Perfect for cleaning motorcycle rims, engine chambers and all places that cannot be reached with a large brush. When you need to gently clean the wheels of dirt and brake dust, this brush will stand up to the task. It is light, ergonomic, has a very thick and soft bristles, it will perfectly clean the tire and rim without fear of scratches.

Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features

Eco - made from environmentally friendly natural materials



Ergonomic shape - the unique handle fits the hand perfectly

The bristles

The bristles

Gently split - for better snow collection

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