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Date: 15.01.2020

Author: ToM-PaR


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ToM-PaR with the Business Gazelle award

We aim higher and higher!

We are pleased to inform that our family company ToM-PaR was among the winners of the prestigious Business Gazelle award, which has been awarded continuously by the editors of “Puls Biznesu” since year 2000.

The “Business Gazelle 2019” award is a huge distinction for us and encouragement to continue working to propose practical, ecological and modern car accessories to our clients.

– The “Business Gazelle” award is a very important sign of appreciation for us. It shows that our contribution and commitment to the production of new products, the approach to the customer and subcontractors and the change of running an organization from typical management to turquoise style managing brings measurable results. – says managing director Renata Gutowska.

The award confirms that commitment and involvement in hard work bring a success for all employees of ToM-PaR without exception. “I am also proud of last year – we have introduced new product lines – Futura Nature and Futura Colour. We rebranded and changed the website, offering our customers a B2B platform to place orders. This year has brought many challenges and changes that have also resulted in a very good financial results, as you will learn in the next edition of the “Business Gazelle”.

The company cares about its reputation. “We pay attention to who we are, how we act in business, whether we are diligent and whether we are honest” – adds Renata Gutowska.

The Business Gazelle award is a distinction for the most dynamically developing companies from individual regions of Poland. The distinction goes to enterprises from the SME sector that, thanks to innovation and consistency in achieving their business goals, are doing great on the demanding market. It is granted to small and medium-sized companies that are characterized by extremely dynamic development. The main criterion that must be met to obtain the title of “Business Gazelle” is to achieve a steady increase in turnover and record profits within period of three years.

The award is a title that is associated with prestige and, at the same time, a great recommendation that has considerable significance in commercial relations with existing and new contractors. The award reflects the good reputation and credibility of enterprises, which, thanks to their extremely dynamic development, manage perfectly even among much larger competitors.

Congratulations and thank you to all employees!

Moreover we would like to thank you very much for the award and pass our congratulations to all 2019 award winners.

Business Gazelle Certificate

Date: 19.10.2019

Author: ToM-PaR


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Eco Driving – how to drive ecologically?

Contrary to the opinion, a bit more skeptical drivers Eco Driving does not mean ślamazarnej movement and excessive wear of parts of your car. It was invented in Finland a method of driving that allows you to drive more economically while reducing CO2 emissions by 25%. The average eco-driver reduces the fuel consumption in the vehicle by 8%. One month in the year goes, so free! Eco-driving increases safety. You should know the rules of eco-driving environmental and economic.

In 2010, almost all car manufacturers in Europe have started programmes of the EU Ecowill. Care agreed to pick up the options of new cars to the drivers it was easier to follow the rules of eco-driving. Here are a few rules that should be applied to the drive were more green:

  • start the engine without pressing on the gas pedal
  • don’t cook the engine; can go immediately after turning on the car
  • try to ride in top gear, maintaining a low speed; change to higher gear not later than reaching 2500 rpm./minutes in a petrol engine or 2000 rpm./minutes in a diesel engine
  • develop rapidly tapping the gas pedal to 3 depths
  • do not drive, what – contrary to popular belief, burns less fuel when the car is rolling with the gear selected, without gas pedal
  • switch off the motor in the Parking lot that will last longer than 30 seconds
  • try to use less air conditioning
  • avoid frequent changes of pace; every braking is a loss of energy. It is best to go with constant speed
  • avoid unnecessary load
  • maintain proper tire pressure. Car burn 5-10 % more fuel, even with a small loss of tyre pressure
  • care of the normal technical condition of the car
  • avoid riding at distances up to 4 km – get up on your bike, or walk.

Books racer eco driver saves not only fuel savings are also flowing with slower wear and tear of parts – mainly brake, clutch, wheel strength in dieslach, gearbox and suspension components. In addition, the driver applying the rules of eco-driving, as a rule, goes safer from aggressive motorists sitting at the other bumper and katujących your car a sharp acceleration and braking. That is one of the pros! Should respond positively to the challenges of time and be an eco-driver.

Date: 21.09.2019

Author: ToM-PaR


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Hand washing – how to take care of your car?

Hand car wash – you say, “nothing easier.” But is it? Uncomplicated, it would seem that the effect we can, however, take a more of a hassle than it looked at first glance. All przecenianie strength and durability of varnish, which really need to be handled very carefully. Automotive cosmetics, it is important to use not only the desired car accessories, but also such materials that will, above all, safe for paintwork. Check out in which worth to acquire.

Natural deer the best for the drainage of Any car wash will not be effective if we are not armed irchę natural. For the safest material for wiping varnish is considered irchę natural and synthetic. Valued by professionals for drying umytego car, it absorbs moisture, and therefore perfect, for example, when cleaning and care of automotive glass. These autos know what important is time, so you can’t afford to get it the sun wysuszyło the hood of your car. Is a direct path to the formation of stains. Good quality reindeer leather and synthetic is the best way to get rid of the water. Deer is more absorbent than the microfiber cloth, so that in a few moments will gather the water from glass and paintwork. Shimmering chrome polisher in his Ministry , Who among us doesn’t turn heads when glimpsed a brilliant flash on the street? Chrome the machine is most often decorative and makes your car different from others, is becoming more prestigious in nature and attracts attention. Chrome elements of the car-this coating is of microscopic thickness, which gives the mirror a glow effect. Creates a durable layer of protection, however, requires appropriate care, especially for the fitted means. Like all other elements of the car, also the chrome need to be cleaned often even more careful than the body or wheels. We apply here in the first place, specialty pasta, milk and wax for chrome, which have the smallest particles of abrasive. However, in order to Supplement care, of course, remains specialized ultra soft polishing machine – so as not to scratch the surface and do not leave even microscopic. For leather upholstery – two-way rag duo leather Upholstery easier to care for than the usual material or suede, but should not forget about its regular and proper care. Leather seats in the car – especially the driver’s seat is exposed to a high consumption. This wear and tear is a natural thing and is manifested in the fact that the skin is dry and wypłowiała. To soak the leather upholstery is required to have a special cosmetic product for skin and soft duo rag to a page with a cleaning cloth. Dosage means for the rag website, smooth and pocieramy seat of our car as long as the drug itself will absorb. Then the upholstery polishing soft, fluffy side meansthat the surface is completely dry and Polish without putting on mikrozarysowania.

Date: 01.08.2019

Author: ToM-PaR


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How to prepare a car for winter holidays?

Preparing your car for winter travel, pay attention primarily on those elements which will greatly enhance traffic safety, especially in winter. Do not forget also about planning the trip, and about the small pleasures in its course.

Roadmap and satellite navigation is not everything that can be useful on the road. There are more important things, for example, fitting winter tires, and good pressure, perfect condition spare wheel, correct the brake fluid level, fluid power steering washer for the winter. It seems to be little things we can verify the implementation takes some time, but if we do not, for negligence pay stress while traveling. Remember that you also need a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, first-class towing rope, warning triangle, reflective vest, Jack and keys. Attention! Do not forget about checking the oil level and topping up or replacement and possibly replacement of the filter. Traffic safety largely depends on the condition of winter tires. In the case of a control tread depth try method dwugroszówkę. Dwugroszową insert a coin into the groove of the tread, Swedish orzełka down. The critical level of winter tread less than 4 mm in this case, when you see all the crown. Wanting to spend as little as possible fuel, you need to take care of the condition of the air filter – it can be changed after a distance of 15 thousand kilometers. For safety, we can’t forget about the health of the braking system. That with brakes that something is wrong, indicates elongation of the braking distance, the metallic noise that accompanies deceleration, free, niestawiający resistance or shaking on the brake pedal “free download” during braking and smoke coming from the wheels, rapid wear of brake fluid, and visible on the wheels. The battery is also a very important element of the car that must be checked. If its effectiveness is in doubt before the trip is to think about replacing it, as in the case of low temperatures faulty battery can effectively check us a nasty surprise. Also, don’t forget to take in the trunk the necessary tools for clearing snow and removing ice as szczotko-scraper.

In the long winter trails also saperkę or a folding shovel, flashlight with smooth battery, jumper cables, slip Mat, which protects against freezing windshield fluid for defrosting the glass, scraper, and a broom in the snow,” says Renata Gutowska, who often travels with his sons on the slopes in Austria. “In addition, drivers who are planning to travel on the mountain routes have to remember to take the chain.

Riding in the winter is onerous for the driver, because of bad roads (snow covered, icy roadway), precipitation (snow, rain, sleet) require much effort and concentration. Good route planning is more important than it seems many drivers to be selected on a long journey. Knowing its mileage, avoid fatigue, which very seriously reduces traffic safety. After determining the route, we will choose the most important, clearly marked roads, which are gas stations, Parking lots and places where you can eat and relax. This route is more likely to be something that will odśnieżona and accordingly prepared for the ride.

Date: 15.07.2019

Author: ToM-PaR


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A snow-covered car – what is the threat?

Probably no driver likes daily snow-clearing vehicle in winter. The cold stings the skin, and we must fight that’s in the car with snow. So, we have the temptation and can not clean up the car today? unfortunately, drivers have to remember that before you embark on a journey to thoroughly clear the snow from the car. Otherwise we risk a fine. And this controversy!

Every car nieodśnieżony may be of interest to the police. According to the rules of the road the car needs to be prepared for the drive so that it does not threaten others. Snow floated down on our car during the drive may look impressive, but limits the visibility of drivers behind us, so it is incumbent on us odśnieżenia. Snow we have to remove not only the roof but also from Windows, boot and bonnet. It is also important that sufficient field of vision of the driver. What is important, you should also clean also front and rear lights to the residual snow and ice have not reduced the brightness of headlights.

For snow-covered car faces a fine from 50 to 500 rubles and up to six penalty points! For unreadable license plates you can get 100 rubles a fine and three penalty points.

Also behind the seemingly innocent engine warm up in the Parking lot, you can be prosecuted. The first of these is the prohibition on removal from the car with the engine running in settlements for which we are threatened with the penalty of 100 roubles. The second is, in turn, the prohibition of Parking of the car with the engine running longer than a minute due to excessive exhaust emissions or noise, for this crime faces a fine of 300 rubles. As you can see, it’s not worth risking not only your wallet but also your safety. Sometimes it is enough to spend a few minutes to properly prepare your car for the ride and to ensure comfort and driving safety, and even to avoid tragedy on the road. With the appropriate equipment, the whole process should not be destructive. In our offer we have excellent quality, ergonomic brush-scraper with soft handles that can withstand freezing temperatures. Have reinforced scrapers to clean the ice from the Windows and brush snow with strong and simultaneously gentle on the body pile. – Forward!