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Wash brush Z soft

EAN 5904720091407

Pieces in the package 36 pcs

Product dimensions length: 33cm

Product weight 0.16 kg

Carton weight 6.27 kg

Carton dimensions 49cm x 25cm x 30cm

Cartons on a layer 7

Layers on a palette 6

Cartons on a pallet 42

Pallet height 195cm

The handy brush with soft bristles ensures thorough car washing without the risk of scratches. Car washing brush with valve with delicate, split bristles for gentle car body cleaning without the risk of scratching the surface. In addition, the generator at the end of the handle can be used as a sprayer for watering lawns. The bristles and brush body are resistant to cleaning agents. Recommended for washing cars, rims, thorough washing of commercial and commercial vehicles – passenger cars, vans, trucks, boats and buses.



Connection to water - the generator on the tip of the handle can be used as a sprayer for watering lawns



Adjustable valve - for quick shut-off of water

The bristles

The bristles

Soft - perfectly imitates natural bristles, is very delicate