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Wash brush Nice Touch NT Lux

EAN 5904720090332

Pieces in the package 5 pcs

Product dimensions length: 54cm

Product weight 0.33 kg

Carton weight 2.20 kg

Carton dimensions 57cm x 37cm x 14cm

Cartons on a layer 4

Layers on a palette 13

Cartons on a pallet 52

Pallet height 197cm

Comfortable, ergonomic washing brush to which you can directly connect a water hose – a special valve allows you to regulate the water flow. The water drainage element protects against flooding of hands and clothes. The special end of the brush head makes it easier to scrape particularly stubborn dirt. Thick, soft, durable, properly embedded polyester bristles with split ends that effectively remove dirt from glass and car body, do not scratch the surface – safe for varnish. The innovative shape makes it easy to hold the brush from above, and the body and bristles are resistant to cleaning agents.

The bristles

The bristles

Highly split - gentle on the surface being cleaned



Rubber finish - helps remove stubborn dirt



Adjustable valve - for quick shut-off of water