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Derailleur brush

EAN 5904720090219

Pieces in the package 48 pcs

Product dimensions length: 14cm

Product weight 0.03 kg

Carton weight 1.44 kg

Carton dimensions 20cm x 17cm x 10cm

Cartons on a layer 28

Layers on a palette 20

Cartons on a pallet 560

Pallet height 215cm

Professional, practical brush (comb) for cleaning joints in bicycles. The brush is made of plastic. Thanks to the specially profiled shape of the brush, it is possible to reach hard to reach places. This bicycle brush has two different parts. The first has long bristles, making it very well suited for extracting all dirt from gears. The second, arched toothed part, thanks to the teeth, allows the removal of dirt from the space between the gears (useful e.g. when cleaning the back cassette).

Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features

The product is made of recycled raw material thanks to the technology of processing own materials

The bristles

The bristles

Not split - stiffer, thicker bristles for effective sweeping

Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features

Hanging hole for shop hooks for easy display