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Brush-scraper with brass blade Futura Colour 60


EAN 5904720098277

Pieces in the package 10 pcs

Product dimensions length: 60cm

Product weight 0.33 kg

Carton weight 3.83 kg

Carton dimensions 36cm x 70cm x 15cm

Cartons on a layer 3

Layers on a palette 13

Cartons on a pallet 39

Pallet height 210cm

A practical brush-scraper made of durable material and flexible bristles allows you to effectively get rid of snow. The innovative brass scraper blade effectively removes ice and frozen snow without scratching the glass. The Futura Color series combines simplicity, high-quality workmanship and refined elegance. Plastic elements and a soft cover guarantee the comfort of using this unique brush-scraper. User-friendly thanks to comfortable, soft grips – “soft handle” – does not slip out of your hands. Environmentally friendly – plastic elements come from recycling.

  • Eco
  • Brass scraper blade does not scratch the glass
  • Possible individualization of the product
  • Possibility to apply a logo
  • Hole for hanging on shop hooks
  • The product is made of recycled material
  • Reserved design