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Wooden squeegee sponge with mesh DK 39

EAN 5904720090424

Pieces in the package 40 pcs

Product dimensions length: 39cm

Product weight 0.17 kg

Carton weight 7.73 kg

Carton dimensions 77cm x 37cm x 41cm

Cartons on a layer 3

Layers on a palette 5

Cartons on a pallet 15

Pallet height 220cm

Universal, double-sided squeegee with a sponge for windows and car windows as well as a practical squeegee for removing dirt and insects from windows and mirrors. The rubber strip effectively removes the remaining drops of water from glass and other surfaces. The squeegee is ecological thanks to the wooden stick. On the one hand, it has a sponge, on the other, a rubber for water and steam. Does not leave streaks and scratches on the body.



Sponge with mesh - cleans dried insects, mud from the glass



Wooden - a natural material that cares for the environment



Rubber blade - used to draw water or thin ice