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Wooden squeegee sponge with mesh DD63

EAN 5904720090400

Pieces in the package 30 pcs

Product dimensions length: 63cm

Product weight 0.25 kg

Carton weight 8.43 kg

Carton dimensions 77cm x 37cm x 41cm

Cartons on a layer 3

Layers on a palette 5

Cartons on a pallet 15

Pallet height 220cm

Universal, double-sided squeegee with sponge for windows and car windows. This is a practical squeegee to remove dirt and insects from windows and mirrors. The rubber strip effectively removes the remaining drops of water from glass and other surfaces.



Sponge with mesh - cleans dried insects, mud from the glass



Rubber blade - used to draw water or thin ice



Wooden - a natural material that cares for the environment