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Date: 09.10.2019

Author: ToM-PaR


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Turquoise management model – concept with soul

Our management model can be compared to an organism, where each cell performs a specific role, and everything has a main goal: a healthy, well-functioning organism.

At ToM-PaR, we operate according to the following principles:

  1. You do what you can.
  2. You do what you need.
  3. You are responsible for this.
  4. You can change what you do, but with 1, 2 and 3.

At ToM-PaR, we believe that people from their own choices engage in various tasks and assign roles adapted to individual skills. They are in the organization because they feel good about it. We do not have employee rotation. There are no positions, there are functions. The latter, however, can be changed with the acquisition of new skills or because of the desire to try something new. Here are 3 pillars that we deeply believe in:

Self-organization, i.e. the ability of team members to self-manage, take responsibility and flexibly adapt to current challenges;

Fullness – the feeling that you can be yourself at work, be accepted as you are, no need to separate work and private life;

The evolutionary goal, i.e. the mission and vision of the company, but from the perspective of the company as a living and changing organism with a life goal, and team members help to achieve it every day.

In our company, thanks to this partnership approach to management, we treat ourselves with respect, support, strive for the same goal and inspire each other to creative solutions. And we simply enjoy it! We are aware that this is an innovative approach to company management. But we are a great example of its success!

Yes, we care!