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Special tasks sponge


EAN 5904720090776

Pieces in the package 40 pcs

Product dimensions length: 9cm

Product weight 0.03 kg

Carton weight 1.72 kg

Carton dimensions 42cm x 27cm x 33cm

Cartons on a layer 9

Layers on a palette 6

Cartons on a pallet 54

Pallet height 213cm

Technical microfiber is a technologically advanced material, created to remove difficult dirt, where traditional materials will not cope with the challenge. It has much better absorption capacity, the highest polishing effect without the use of polishing agents. Does not cut the nail polish, leaves holograms and makes cleaning easier. The sponge does not have a pilling effect and can be washed by hand, making it suitable for multiple use.



Synthetic chamois - ideally dries and cleans



Microfiber - does not leave streaks and stains

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