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T-shape scraper

EAN 5904720091032

Pieces in the package 780 pcs

Product dimensions length: 18cm

Product weight 0.04 kg

Carton weight 29.01 kg

Carton dimensions 77cm x 37cm x 41cm

Cartons on a layer 3

Layers on a palette 5

Cartons on a pallet 15

Pallet height 220cm

Solid plastic ice scraper. Suitable for cleaning car windows with frost and crushing a thicker layer of ice. The scraper construction is made of durable and durable plastic. It is very light and the scraper blade is made of plastic so as not to scratch the glass. Thanks to the oil-resistant rubber strip, it also removes water from smooth surfaces (glass, mirrors).

Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features

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Rubber blade - used to draw water or thin ice



Cloves - for breaking thick ice