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Rim nut brush

EAN 5904720090653

Pieces in the package 50 pcs

Product dimensions length: 24cm

Product weight 0.04 kg

Carton weight 2.20 kg

Carton dimensions 44cm x 28cm x 13cm

Cartons on a layer 6

Layers on a palette 16

Cartons on a pallet 96

Pallet height 223cm

Extremely delicate brush designed for safe and easy washing of wheel nuts. The bristle from which the working part is made is so delicate that it can be successfully cleaned with the most sensitive rims, such as unpainted aluminum, polished aluminum or chrome. The brushes are made of polypropylene, so they do not scratch the surface being cleaned. It is also resistant to all automotive chemicals. An additional advantage is the possibility of using a brush when cleaning hard-to-reach grilles in bumpers, etc.

Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features

Hanging hole for shop hooks for easy display



Ergonomic shape - the unique handle fits the hand perfectly

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