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Glove with scraper

EAN 5904720090271

Pieces in the package 40 pcs

Product dimensions length: 30cm

Product weight 0.09 kg

Carton weight 3.88 kg

Carton dimensions 42cm x 27cm x 33cm

Cartons on a layer 9

Layers on a palette 6

Cartons on a pallet 54

Pallet height 213cm

The unique glove with a scraper quickly and efficiently removes ice, snow, frost from car windows. The glove has a universal size and protects the hand against freezing, ensuring comfort of use. The ice scraper attached to it is made of high quality plastic, it efficiently removes deposits from glass and mirrors, without causing a scratch. A long, warm glove with an ice scraper is available in a wide range of strong colors, so it will be easy to find in the glove box.

Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features

It is possible to put your logo on the product



Cloves - for breaking thick ice



Ergonomic shape - the unique handle fits the hand perfectly