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Display for Futura Natura products

EAN 5904720090196

Pieces in the package 1 pc

Product dimensions length: 40cm

Carton weight 20 kg

Carton dimensions 40cm x 60cm x 90cm

Cartons on a layer 4

Layers on a palette 1

Pallet height 105cm

The subject of the sale is the display without the content.

Number of pieces in a package in total: 56pcs.

Number of brush scraper 55 cm long: 16 pcs:
Brush-scraper Futura Nature 55 straight (ref 98420)

Number of brush scraper 70 cm long: 16 pcs:
8 x Brush-scraper Futura Nature 70 straight (ref. 98406)
8 x Brush-scraper Futura Nature 70 chosen (ref 98369)

Number of scrapers: 24 pcs:
Scraper Futura Nature straight (ref. 98376)