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Chenille Microfibre wash mitt with mesh

EAN 5904720098680

Pieces in the package 20 pcs

Product dimensions length: 25cm

Product weight 0.07 kg

Carton weight 1.64 kg

Carton dimensions 37cm x 27cm x 18cm

Cartons on a layer 9

Layers on a palette 10

Cartons on a pallet 90

Pallet height 195cm

Microfibre Wash Mitt is a very functional wash pad to be used instead of a sponge. Chenille microfiber advanced construction makes the wash pad extremely soft and highly absorbent. It holds water very well, traps dirt and allow to clean the surface with minimum effort. Use the bug shifter panel for quick and easy removal of bugs, bird droppings and dirt. To be used as well to polish vehicle paintwork, leaves no scratches.