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Bugs remover sponge

EAN 5904720090769

Pieces in the package 50 pcs

Product dimensions length: 8cm

Product weight 0.022 kg

Carton weight 1.46 kg

Carton dimensions 27cm x 37cm x 33cm

Cartons on a layer 9

Layers on a palette 6

Cartons on a pallet 54

Pallet height 213cm

Highly effective, conveniently removes dried insects and bird droppings. The blue side quickly and effectively removes bugs and stubborn dirt residues from the glass. The leather side instantly dries fogged windows without leaving streaks. Do not use to clean the body!

Synthetic chamois dries and cleans perfectly.
The rough material cleans the windows of dried insects, mud, dust. It is recommended to use dry.



Synthetic chamois - ideally dries and cleans



Rough material - dry clean windows from dried insects, mud, dust

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