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Brush Futura Nature 45 straight

Handmade, FSC

EAN 5904720098444

Pieces in the package 20 pcs

Product dimensions length: 45cm

Product weight 0.36 kg

Carton weight 7.65 kg

Carton dimensions 70cm x 35cm x 14cm

Cartons on a layer 3

Layers on a palette 13

Cartons on a pallet 39

Pallet height 197cm

Practical hand brush with subtle stripe for a better grip made of 100% wood harvested from breeding forests. The brush bristles are made of durable PVC, which guarantees its durability, brush is safe for cleaning of the car windshields. Ideal for sweeping snow and wet or dry dust outside.

Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features

It is possible to put your logo on the product



Simple beech wood

The bristles

The bristles

Gently split - for better snow collection

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