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3in1: Squeegee + brush + scraper Nice Touch NT Telescope 60/90

Nice Touch

EAN 5904720090929

Pieces in the package 25 pcs

Product dimensions length: 60-90cm

Product weight 0.36 kg

Carton weight 9.93 kg

Carton dimensions 77cm x 37cm x 41cm

Cartons on a layer 3

Layers on a palette 5

Cartons on a pallet 15

Pallet height 220cm

The product combines the functionality of up to 3 car accessories – squeegees, brushes and scraper. It is designed to remove snow, frost and ice from car bodies. The squeegee with a brush and scraper will improve the preparation of the vehicle for the route – you can thoroughly remove snow from the roof, so it will not fall on the windshield while driving. The long telescope makes work easier, allowing you to reach into hard-to-reach parts of the car. Aluminum, plastic, sponge and rubber are great materials even in difficult winter conditions, so the product will retain its properties for longer.



Rubber blade - used to draw water or thin ice



Nice Touch soft handle - a comfortable sponge

The bristles

The bristles

Highly split - gentle on the surface being cleaned