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Date: 01.08.2019

Author: Tom-Par


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How to prepare a car for winter holidays?

Preparing your car for winter travel, pay attention primarily on those elements which will greatly enhance traffic safety, especially in winter. Do not forget also about planning the trip, and about the small pleasures in its course.

Roadmap and satellite navigation is not everything that can be useful on the road. There are more important things, for example, fitting winter tires, and good pressure, perfect condition spare wheel, correct the brake fluid level, fluid power steering washer for the winter. It seems to be little things we can verify the implementation takes some time, but if we do not, for negligence pay stress while traveling. Remember that you also need a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, first-class towing rope, warning triangle, reflective vest, Jack and keys. Attention! Do not forget about checking the oil level and topping up or replacement and possibly replacement of the filter. Traffic safety largely depends on the condition of winter tires. In the case of a control tread depth try method dwugroszówkę. Dwugroszową insert a coin into the groove of the tread, Swedish orzełka down. The critical level of winter tread less than 4 mm in this case, when you see all the crown. Wanting to spend as little as possible fuel, you need to take care of the condition of the air filter – it can be changed after a distance of 15 thousand kilometers. For safety, we can’t forget about the health of the braking system. That with brakes that something is wrong, indicates elongation of the braking distance, the metallic noise that accompanies deceleration, free, niestawiający resistance or shaking on the brake pedal “free download” during braking and smoke coming from the wheels, rapid wear of brake fluid, and visible on the wheels. The battery is also a very important element of the car that must be checked. If its effectiveness is in doubt before the trip is to think about replacing it, as in the case of low temperatures faulty battery can effectively check us a nasty surprise. Also, don’t forget to take in the trunk the necessary tools for clearing snow and removing ice as szczotko-scraper.

In the long winter trails also saperkę or a folding shovel, flashlight with smooth battery, jumper cables, slip Mat, which protects against freezing windshield fluid for defrosting the glass, scraper, and a broom in the snow,” says Renata Gutowska, who often travels with his sons on the slopes in Austria. “In addition, drivers who are planning to travel on the mountain routes have to remember to take the chain.

Riding in the winter is onerous for the driver, because of bad roads (snow covered, icy roadway), precipitation (snow, rain, sleet) require much effort and concentration. Good route planning is more important than it seems many drivers to be selected on a long journey. Knowing its mileage, avoid fatigue, which very seriously reduces traffic safety. After determining the route, we will choose the most important, clearly marked roads, which are gas stations, Parking lots and places where you can eat and relax. This route is more likely to be something that will odśnieżona and accordingly prepared for the ride.