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Date: 21.09.2019

Author: Tom-Par


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Hand washing – how to take care of your car?

Hand car wash – you say, “nothing easier.” But is it? Uncomplicated, it would seem that the effect we can, however, take a more of a hassle than it looked at first glance. All przecenianie strength and durability of varnish, which really need to be handled very carefully. Automotive cosmetics, it is important to use not only the desired car accessories, but also such materials that will, above all, safe for paintwork. Check out in which worth to acquire.

Natural deer the best for the drainage of Any car wash will not be effective if we are not armed irchę natural. For the safest material for wiping varnish is considered irchę natural and synthetic. Valued by professionals for drying umytego car, it absorbs moisture, and therefore perfect, for example, when cleaning and care of automotive glass. These autos know what important is time, so you can’t afford to get it the sun wysuszyło the hood of your car. Is a direct path to the formation of stains. Good quality reindeer leather and synthetic is the best way to get rid of the water. Deer is more absorbent than the microfiber cloth, so that in a few moments will gather the water from glass and paintwork. Shimmering chrome polisher in his Ministry , Who among us doesn’t turn heads when glimpsed a brilliant flash on the street? Chrome the machine is most often decorative and makes your car different from others, is becoming more prestigious in nature and attracts attention. Chrome elements of the car-this coating is of microscopic thickness, which gives the mirror a glow effect. Creates a durable layer of protection, however, requires appropriate care, especially for the fitted means. Like all other elements of the car, also the chrome need to be cleaned often even more careful than the body or wheels. We apply here in the first place, specialty pasta, milk and wax for chrome, which have the smallest particles of abrasive. However, in order to Supplement care, of course, remains specialized ultra soft polishing machine – so as not to scratch the surface and do not leave even microscopic. For leather upholstery – two-way rag duo leather Upholstery easier to care for than the usual material or suede, but should not forget about its regular and proper care. Leather seats in the car – especially the driver’s seat is exposed to a high consumption. This wear and tear is a natural thing and is manifested in the fact that the skin is dry and wypłowiała. To soak the leather upholstery is required to have a special cosmetic product for skin and soft duo rag to a page with a cleaning cloth. Dosage means for the rag website, smooth and pocieramy seat of our car as long as the drug itself will absorb. Then the upholstery polishing soft, fluffy side meansthat the surface is completely dry and Polish without putting on mikrozarysowania.