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Date: 19.10.2019

Author: Tom-Par


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Eco Driving – how to drive ecologically?

Contrary to the opinion, a bit more skeptical drivers Eco Driving does not mean ślamazarnej movement and excessive wear of parts of your car. It was invented in Finland a method of driving that allows you to drive more economically while reducing CO2 emissions by 25%. The average eco-driver reduces the fuel consumption in the vehicle by 8%. One month in the year goes, so free! Eco-driving increases safety. You should know the rules of eco-driving environmental and economic.

In 2010, almost all car manufacturers in Europe have started programmes of the EU Ecowill. Care agreed to pick up the options of new cars to the drivers it was easier to follow the rules of eco-driving. Here are a few rules that should be applied to the drive were more green:

  • start the engine without pressing on the gas pedal
  • don’t cook the engine; can go immediately after turning on the car
  • try to ride in top gear, maintaining a low speed; change to higher gear not later than reaching 2500 rpm./minutes in a petrol engine or 2000 rpm./minutes in a diesel engine
  • develop rapidly tapping the gas pedal to 3 depths
  • do not drive, what – contrary to popular belief, burns less fuel when the car is rolling with the gear selected, without gas pedal
  • switch off the motor in the Parking lot that will last longer than 30 seconds
  • try to use less air conditioning
  • avoid frequent changes of pace; every braking is a loss of energy. It is best to go with constant speed
  • avoid unnecessary load
  • maintain proper tire pressure. Car burn 5-10 % more fuel, even with a small loss of tyre pressure
  • care of the normal technical condition of the car
  • avoid riding at distances up to 4 km – get up on your bike, or walk.

Books racer eco driver saves not only fuel savings are also flowing with slower wear and tear of parts – mainly brake, clutch, wheel strength in dieslach, gearbox and suspension components. In addition, the driver applying the rules of eco-driving, as a rule, goes safer from aggressive motorists sitting at the other bumper and katujących your car a sharp acceleration and braking. That is one of the pros! Should respond positively to the challenges of time and be an eco-driver.