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Date: 29.06.2019

Author: Tom-Par


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Driver’s toolkit – what tools do you need in the trunk?

Probably each of us has in mind some of the history associated with the vehicle, which is in need of some small item, but just didn’t have it. Since then, as we always carry in the car, this item is ready to use. We’ll show you that you can always carry in the trunk.

For your own comfort, and especially security, is to have some tools. Undoubtedly, most importantly, properly equipped first aid kit. The second very important element is the fire extinguisher with the latest confirmed. Seems obvious, but often neglected by drivers. But these little things can save a life in case of unexpected events on the way! Often during the trip comes to minor damage, which can successfully handle without calling an expensive service. What is it?

  • spare wheel;
  • a portable lift. For the most popular models among Jackson and hydraulic trapezoid;
  • a set of keys, which happens to be very practical, also for other minor repairs of the car or the multitool;
  • warning triangle and safety vest, which will make it so that you will be visible from a greater distance;
  • umbrella or sunglasses are very useful not only in the summer. Even in winter there are Sunny in the morning, so you should ensure that the driver saved the best visibility on the road;
  • GPS navigation turns out to be almost a relief, especially while driving in unknown surroundings;
  • set for cleaning from snow and frosty morning – not just a scraper for the morning przymrozku and brush for snow removal, but also chamois leather
  • flashlight, gloves, spare bulbs in special packaging for light bulbsthat will protect them from stłuczeniem;
  • the Handsfree kit will protect you, and the receipt of the mandate and will remain in constant contact with loved ones even when you are on a long trip.

The equipment of the vehicle should provide not only comfort but also safety. Consider the tools you require, and select those that will meet all your expectations. Happy journey!