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Yes, we care!

The key to ToM-PaR’s success are people – we are a family company and we value partnership. Our employees bring their commitment and creativity to the company, and clients’ ideas and expectations. In return, we promise that we give everything and a guarantee

– we are looking for solutions, not problems!


Our team

Jerzy Rutkowski

I think you need to understand the Economics and business before you create the strategy and what you need to understand the strategy before you will create the structure. If you are doing it in the wrong order, you probably will suffer defeat.

Michael Dell

The company’s founder and president. The originator of many technological and design solutions. Still involved in the development of production lines. An avid angler in his free time.

Renata Gutowska

Renata Gutowska

The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

She has been involved in the evolution of individual departments for over ten years. She is not afraid of difficult challenges and “at first glance” crazy projects. The originator of the FUTURA series.

She secretly explores psychotronics. It started with David R. Hawkins books. She loves visiting castles and palaces with her family, moreover dreams about becoming an owner one of them one day.

Maria Henc

Be thankful for what you have, and you’ll have more than that. If you focus on what you don’t, you will never have enough.

Oprah Winfrey

I have been associated with the ToM-PaR company since the beginning of my professional career. She deals with human resources and financial management. Privately, mother of three wonderful children, enthusiast of travelling and sushi.

Tomasz Rutkowski

Live so that Your friends became boring when you die.

Julian Tuwim

From the beginning in the company. Currently manages production and supply processes, also responsible for new technologies. In his free time he likes to go to the cinema, especially on science fiction movies, or go on bike trips.

Izabela Pakuła – Kozłowska

Maybe for the world you’re only human, but for some people you-the whole world.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

She has been acquiring new customers and managing export sales for over five years in the company. She loves books, especially detective stories and her dog – friend. In the free time she travels, cooks or takes time to be lazy.

Mariusz Bogumił

Mariusz Bogumił

No matter what happens to them in life ….It is important that you attributed to this value.

Robert Kiyosaki

Production manager from the very beginning of the production line in Stawiski factory. He manages all production and quality control – he says that he manages his own. If no one has an idea on how to solve a given problem, Mariusz will always come up with a good idea. In his spare time he likes DIY, he spends a lot of time by the water.


We are brave – we constantly introduce innovations and technological changes

We are flexible – we quickly adapt to the needs of our clients

We are responsible – we implement our contracts as soon as possible

We are reliable – we guarantee the high quality of our materials and work

We are involved – we all co-create our company and care for the environment

We are open to new challenges and cooperation


  • 2022

    October / Launch of serial production of rim brushes.

  • 2022

    September / Automechanika 2022 Fair Frankfurt, 13-17/09. Presentation of a new product line – rim brushes.

  • 2020

    Automechanika 2020 Frankfurt, 8-12 / 09 – we invite you to the stand Hall 12.1, E58

  • 2020

    Advertising fair Rema Days 2020 Nadarzyn, 12-14 / 02 – we invite you to our stand: Hall F, D12

  • 2020

    Advertising fair PSI 2020 Dusseldorf, 7-9 / 01

  • 2019

    Joining the Business Gazelles Club

  • 2019

    AAPEX Best Booth Award

  • 2019

    November 2019, USA Las Vegas AAPEX, 5-7 / 11/2019

  • 2019

    Joining the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster

  • 2019

    RemaDays Fair – Award for the product catalog – bronze medal

  • 2019

    PSI fair in Dusseldorf

  • 2019

    Implementation of the new Futura series

  • 2018

    AUTOMECHANIKA Fair in Shanghai

  • 2018

    MESSE AUTOMECHANIKA FRANKFURT am Main Fair and the premiere of the FUTURA series

  • 2018

    MIMS / AUTOMECHANIKA fair in Moscow

  • 2018

    RemaDays Fair in Nadarzyn

  • 2018

    Tom Par celebrates its jubilee – 30 years of existence

  • 2017

    EQUIP AUTO Fair in Paris

  • 2017

    Implementation of modern technologies – a 3-component machine is a novelty on the Polish market among the production of automotive accessories

  • 2016

    MIMS Automechanika BIRMINGHAM and AUTOMECHANIKA in Frankfurt am Main

  • 2014

    MIMS Automechanika Moscow and AUTOMECHANIKA fairs in Frankfurt am Main

  • 2013

    MIMS Automechanika Moscow

  • 2013

    The Nice Touch series has been expanded with the summer collection – a car washing brush in 8 variants

  • 2012

    Renewal of the production line – modern injectors

  • 2012

    AUTOMECHANIKA fair in Frankfurt

  • 2011

    Premium series from the NICE TOUCH line, premiere at the Automotive Technology Fair in Poznań

  • 2005

    Modern machine park for bristle production and processing

  • 1999

    Opening of the second production line

  • 1988

    Establishment of Tom-Par by senior Jerzy Rutkowski


Let's talk - expectations

The information and ideas we collect as part of this process form the basis of our partnership. We are with you on long and short distances. We are successful only when your business succeeds, but to do so, we need to get to know you and your company. We identify your needs and prepare an offer that will answer them.

Offer modifications - flexibility

As an experienced certified manufacturer - both designing and modernizing our accessories - we can support our clients in the concept of new products. Modern technical facilities allow you to make a prototype with a guarantee of the highest quality. We are flexible - present us your needs - we will meet them!

Offer - always individual

We know each other quite well! Time to prepare an offer. We will discuss all order details - product types, quantities, marking, packaging and transport. On this basis, we will present the most favorable valuation specifying the cost of implementation and delivery date. After completing all formalities, we can start working.

Implementation - quality control

The Logistics Department is a well-organized and stocked warehouse as well as fast and timely delivery of orders. Experience and the work system shaped over the years allow for efficient service. At this stage, we always re-check the quality - so that the prepared order is exactly as it was meant to be.