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Date: 15.07.2019

Author: Tom-Par


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A snow-covered car – what is the threat?

Probably no driver likes daily snow-clearing vehicle in winter. The cold stings the skin, and we must fight that’s in the car with snow. So, we have the temptation and can not clean up the car today? unfortunately, drivers have to remember that before you embark on a journey to thoroughly clear the snow from the car. Otherwise we risk a fine. And this controversy!

Every car nieodśnieżony may be of interest to the police. According to the rules of the road the car needs to be prepared for the drive so that it does not threaten others. Snow floated down on our car during the drive may look impressive, but limits the visibility of drivers behind us, so it is incumbent on us odśnieżenia. Snow we have to remove not only the roof but also from Windows, boot and bonnet. It is also important that sufficient field of vision of the driver. What is important, you should also clean also front and rear lights to the residual snow and ice have not reduced the brightness of headlights.

For snow-covered car faces a fine from 50 to 500 rubles and up to six penalty points! For unreadable license plates you can get 100 rubles a fine and three penalty points.

Also behind the seemingly innocent engine warm up in the Parking lot, you can be prosecuted. The first of these is the prohibition on removal from the car with the engine running in settlements for which we are threatened with the penalty of 100 roubles. The second is, in turn, the prohibition of Parking of the car with the engine running longer than a minute due to excessive exhaust emissions or noise, for this crime faces a fine of 300 rubles. As you can see, it’s not worth risking not only your wallet but also your safety. Sometimes it is enough to spend a few minutes to properly prepare your car for the ride and to ensure comfort and driving safety, and even to avoid tragedy on the road. With the appropriate equipment, the whole process should not be destructive. In our offer we have excellent quality, ergonomic brush-scraper with soft handles that can withstand freezing temperatures. Have reinforced scrapers to clean the ice from the Windows and brush snow with strong and simultaneously gentle on the body pile. – Forward!