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Brush-scraper Futura Colour Telescope 90/120

EAN 5904720098338

Pieces in the package 22 pcs

Product dimensions length: 90-120cm

Product weight 0.39 kg

Carton weight 9.64 kg

Carton dimensions 119cm x 39cm x 17cm

Cartons on a layer 2

Layers on a palette 12

Cartons on a pallet 24

Pallet height 220cm

A practical brush made of durable material and flexible bristles allows you to effectively get rid of dirt. A scraper on top of them will efficiently cope with snow and ice on the windows. It allows you to effectively clean even a large car from snow. The Futura Color series combines simplicity, good workmanship and sophisticated elegance. Plastic elements and a soft cover guarantee the comfort of using this unique brush-scraper with a telescope. User-friendly thanks to comfortable, soft handles, it doesn’t slip out of your hands.



Soft color handle - a warm and pleasant to the touch sponge in pastel colors




The bristles

The bristles

Gently split - for better snow collection

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