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Bicycle frame brush

EAN 5904720090820

Pieces in the package 50 pcs

Product dimensions length: 19cm

Product weight 0.04 kg

Carton weight 2.50 kg

Carton dimensions 44cm x 28cm x 13cm

Cartons on a layer 6

Layers on a palette 16

Cartons on a pallet 96

Pallet height 223cm

Strong, professional and solid brush for cleaning bicycle frames. The shape of the bicycle brush perfectly covers the entire frame, reaches hard to reach places that are not lacking in bikes. The bristles of the brush are resistant to greases and cleaning agents, it is a high-quality material, an excellent mixture that does not break and deform. The ends of the bicycle brush are protected with plastic that protects the frame from scratches.

Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features

Hanging hole for shop hooks for easy display

The bristles

The bristles

Not split - stiffer, thicker bristles for effective sweeping

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